Monday, March 7, 2011

Styling - Part 1: Just An Idea

So it's occurred to me that even though I've been posting about the various shoots I go on, I haven't told you very much about the actual styling part of it, or my personal experiences with getting into this crazy fashion world.

So I'm going to create a series of posts dedicated to sharing with you exactly what it takes to become a fashion stylist, what I've learnt so far, and basically everything to do with my journey thus far. So here goes...

Styling - Part 1: Just An Idea

I did not come from a fashion background. I didn't know anything about the technical aspect of putting together a garment (and still don't), I didn't know anything about the fashion industry and how it works, and most disturbingly, I had no understanding at all of what a stylist did.

I was a disillusioned junior graphic designer, who'd just come off about a year in the industry and a 5 year double degree in Design and Art Education. And this was about the exact time that I realized I didn't want to follow either of those career paths (sweet). It was also just around the time that the GFC hit, making jobs even more scarce than they normally were.

This led me inextricably to one completely life-changing thought...

FUCK...what do I do now?

I always knew my whole life up until that point what I was going to do; Study hard at school, get a good UAI, go to Uni and get a job - that's how it worked...right?

So when that all fell to shit, I took some time (and I mean a lot of time) to think about what I was interested in, and after much turmoil and depression, I realized that I read an awful lot of fashion magazines, and maybe this was something I should pursue.

But how to get started?

And from this one little question spawned a fuck-load of more equally bewildering questions: Should I study? Should I try to get a job? What kind of job would I want? What part of the fashion industry do I even want to work in? WHAT DO I DO NEXT...?

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