Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lanvin's 2012 S/S Ad Campaign

I love this video for Lanvin's 2012 SS Ad Campaign. It instantly put a sparkle in my eye and a shimmy in my shoulder's. I've recently found that so many fashion videos are so serious and heavy with dark, ominous overtones. And while I do thoroughly enjoy that...WHERE DID ALL THE FUN GO? I find it so refreshing to see something with so much exuberance and energy.

Quirkiness and intrigue are generated through this kind of "static/non-static" style of movement that has been created. This interesting cross-breed of the stills creating the motion (which I guess is how it generally occurs) gives the video a unique visual aesthetic and has kept me going back to watch it over and over again. I also think it's very clever that it is able to make such close reference to the actual still shoot, without being just another behing-the-scenes video.

Images courtesy of We Are So Droee

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