Monday, July 16, 2012

Ricki Lee Coulter: CRAZY!

Well this has definitely been an intensely busy and somewhat psychotic few weeks!!!

I once again assisted Lara Lupish, but this time the job was quite different from any other we'd done before. We were brought on as Ricki Lee's styilsts and costume designers for the video clip to her latest single, "Crazy".

The video was set in this amazing old mental asylum, and the concept included 3 characters playing against each other; the nurse, the psychiatrist and the patient - so we had to find looks to suit accordingly.

It was such an interesting process to be involved in, as we not only sourced pieces for the looks, but we also designed the straight jacket for her amazing "patient" look. Being a part of the process right from the beginning - including analyzing the brief, to initial sketches/designs to attending meetings with the costume maker - through to the final fitting was such a stressful and creatively exhilarating experience. I just hope everyone loves what we created as much as I do!


More wardrobe


The INCREDIBLE patient costume

Lara being interviewed for "behind the scenes"

Getting Ricki ready in her "Nurse" costume

Ricki looking fucking hot while strapped to the floor!

 Here are the harnesses I designed for the backup dancers!!!

A frantic moment extremely quick alterations and touch ups!

 Ricki rocking her "Psychiatrist" costume

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