Monday, January 31, 2011

One More Blogger In The World

Hello and welcome to anyone who is currently surfing the internets, navigating the interweb, using the google, blogging, facebooking or tweeting.

To anyone with an inquiring mind, a curious itch, a wandering eye or a travelling hand.

To anyone looking for their next fashion fix, for anyone who is mentally aroused by fashion styling or to help elevate anyone green to the fashion industry.

And just so that I don't discriminate or exclude...welcome to basically any random with any purpose who happens to stumble their way onto this blog.

*Inhale deep breath*
*Stand up, legs shaking*

Hello. My name is Nicole, and I'm a blogger. (Could it take me any longer to say hello?)
So anyway, this is a blog about my life in general and more specifically, about my life as a fashion stylist. And to be even more specific (and title appropriate), this will be about my life as a struggling assistant fashion stylist. The shoots I go to, the people I meet, the clothes I see and the dramas I get myself into in this crazy world we call the fashion industry!

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