Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Recent Adventures...

So I must apologies; my presence has been somewhat lacking of late.

But to be honest, taking a much needed break from life and frolicking through assorted European countries is a pretty fucking good excuse in my opnion.

I sometimes question what possesed me to step foot back on the plane that would inevitably send me hurdling right back into reality, but here we are.

And so I pondered, what better way to celebrate my time abroad (and instil sheer jealousy in others) than to share a few treats?

Aren't I just a peach?

Favourite Purchases

My new vintage, rabbit-fur coat from the Camden Markets.
"Don't mind me while I stroke my rabbit" - me.
Openning Ceremony boots from B Store.

Completely lost my shit over these incredible gold clip ons from a little boutique in Barcelona.
Fashion Standouts
Great window display.
Caption: "This fucking jazz machine works!"
Incredibly detailed shoes with flower-loads of UK quirk
No words...just drool

Shoe overload!

 Beautifully hand crafted jewellery pieces from San Sebastian
Street Art

The trees at Versaille
And the sky at Versaille

Light refracted through the stained glass windows from within Sagrada Familia

Random & Slighly Fucked Up Shit

Really sick parisian art piece

Mykonos hey...?

A gold, sparkly telephone with vibrator mouth piece attached.
I feel stragely drawn to it...
Gas mask bong anyone?

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