Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chanel at MCA

Last night Chanel put on a stunning show at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and I was lucky enough to get behind the scenes as a backstage dresser. I had two models, Annika and Jenny, who had two looks each, so it was pretty simple - and thankfully drama free.

I have never seen so many Chanel garments up close - the workmanship is absolutely breathtaking. Amongst the mix were ostrich feathers, classic tweed jackets with intricate beading details along the collar and cuff, mini shorts, floral prints and distressed jeans.

The set design was beautiful, incorporating high arches and a small, central fountain surrounded by pebbles - even the carpet, which was white with flecks of black throughout, mimicked the tweed fabric that is so inherently Chanel.

And as the live string ensemble belted out dramatic tunes, with the scent of gorgeous white flowers wafting throughout the space, the show began.

I love the adrenalin rush of the shows, but I was just upset that it was over so quickly!

Tots hearting these accessories

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