Friday, February 4, 2011

Magazine Cover Trends

I'm really loving the new look of minimalism that has been gracing the covers of Australia fashion magazines all over. Stevie Dance began the trend when she took over the reigns of Russh back in January 2010 with their issue Get High.

This was quickly embraced by Oyster with their Feb/March 2010 issue Print Is Dead.

And finally Vogue Australia has just now released it's first issue in this style. Even though Vogue isn't 100% my thing, this cover totally jumped out at me, and convinced me to buy it! The combination of Meg Gray (Fashion Editor), Nicole Bentley (Photographer), Alina Baikova (Model) and an explosion of colour completely won me over.

Maybe this has something to do with my graphic design background, but I just always hated the clutter that normally accompanies covers. I love this clean, streamlined look - I think it is so chic and sophisticated and really gives the images space to breathe and speak.

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