Thursday, February 17, 2011

Interning at NMI

I must say, as far as internships go, I'm fairly certain I lucked out with this one at NMI. The girls, Carla and Amy, are so lovely and make for a really pleasant work environment - and they buy me lunch!

My main tasks involve merchandising the showroom (which is great experience to gain) and doing a few graphic bits and pieces - which may even eventuate into some paid graphics yay for me! Hopefully I'll learn how to write a press release and interact a little more with the industry people that walk through NMI's doors.

So this is basically what I've been getting up, and some of my favourite things so far:

 The wall of terror after I worked my merchanidising magic on it!

5 Preview Necklaces

Vero Cuoio Horse Hair Boots

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